Who’s Tinderella?

So… Who’s Tinderella?

Me. Zainab – and you can stalk me on social media using the icons above. Go ahead, I’m not hiding… 😉

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Find out why I decided to travel and how I got my outlook as Tinderella… It all started with #The One That Broke My Heart (yeah, cheesy I know).

What’s Tinderella Worldwide?

A website dedicated to #travelating – dating whilst traveling.  I share accounts of my dates in different countries as I travel the world. But I don’t want you just to read about me – There’s plenty of dating advice for guys and girls, plus the best dating spots I dig out in each place, PLUS a couple of anonymous weird ass Tinder profile memes (hey I can’t resist sometimes…) Get in touch if you’d like to do a spotlight on what the dating scene is like in your country – I’d love to interview you :).

What’s the purpose of this site?

To embrace dating culture worldwide. I’m a British Asian girl and I think it’s OK to date. I believe that more girls around the globe need to know it’s OK to get out there and meet different people before even thinking of settling down.  It’s OK to be single at 25, 30, 50, 85– we aren’t products with an expiry date. It’s OK for female solo-travelers to date, because it can be safe. It’s totally OK for guys and girls to ask me for impartial advice on issues bugging you or dating profiles; I’m not a doctor or a trained psychologist, but I’ve dated a hell of a lot and would be happy to help as a non-judgmental friend (hey I AM Tinderella after all…)

Finally, dating doesn’t have to be a heart-breaking means to an end – much like travel itself, it’s about the road more than the destination. Dating itself is a journey and an adventure and if we tirelessly scour the world for ‘the one’ then we’ll miss a hell of a lot of interesting people and times in-between.

This site is aimed at shedding a positive light on dating culture around the world – dating is an awesome tool of enhancing social skills and more. It is definitely NOT about slander or being bitchy – I’m making myself known to the world instead of hiding behind a screen, so I’m 100% accountable here. I respect my dates (even if they are crappy) so any guy who gets #tinderella’d will remain completely anonymous. Also, there are no graphic novella details, so if you’re looking for something fifty shades Esq you’ll have to jog on I’m afraid.

Do you work for tinder?

Nope and I’m not affiliated with them in any way. My views are my views and I appreciate that different people use tinder in different ways.

Are you a slut?


1. 1.
a woman who has many casual sexual partners.
synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore; More
2. 2.
a woman with low standards of cleanliness.

No. And slut-shaming and judging people is a bigger sin than sleeping around. Period. The wisdom of Wyclef dictates:

‘Just ’cause she dances go-go. It don’t make her a ho, no.’ – Wyclef Jean

Except I’m not Maxine, I’m Tinderella baby 😉

Feel free to get in touch if you want to work with me, or just chat – I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Zainab (or should I say… Tinderella? Haha) X