What’s The Best Tinder Hack? Here’s 10

What’s a Tinder Hack?

A tinder hack is something that climbs in the system and milks the most out of it. As guys, you need as many hacks as possible, so let me help you out.


tinder hack hacker

*This article is written to help the poor godforsaken men of tinder get more swipes and the tone of it is geared towards guys, but the same tricks can and should be used by women as well.

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So now we’ve learnt how to make a smooth-as-fuck tinder profile. But now you want a tinder hack – just to make sure you get loads of swipes. First, a note on this: 

How the tinder algorithm works

Tinder isn’t like Instagram, where you just need to upload some bullshit images of your breakfast and buy some bots. Nope, the rules for your visibility are more complex. These are some things I’ve learnt from my extensive tinder research:

tinder hack algorithm

  • Tinder calculates how attractive you are by using an ELO score.  What the hell is an ELO score?  It’s this rating system thing. Here, read THIS.
  • So it doesn’t tell you how likely you are to be right-swiped, but ranks you in terms of likability. This is probably linked to it’s smart pictures feature.
  • The ELO score is made up of the % of people that like you as a whole, the % of matches you get and what the ELO scores of those people are.
  • Your ELO score determines who will be shown your profile; so if you’re a 7, you won’t be shown to 4’s but neither will you be shown to a 9. Harsh but true.
  • You can change your ELO score by modifying your profile – read up on tinder pictures and tinder bios HERE and HERE.
  • You will NEVER EVER know your ELO score (because that’s just too harsh).
  • If you are too picky, you won’t get a chance to boost your ELO and it will harm your score. A right swipe quota of between 30-70% works best.
  • Conversely, if you are over-zealous and swipe right on everyone (not looking at any of you on here), then tinder won’t show you to as many people.
  • Being active  – so often being online is a good thing.
  • Sending tinder messages to matches is also good – find out HERE what the best ways are to get in their inbox.

Find out more HERE and HERE.

So anyway, now we know the system, so let’s go hack it :).

1. The blind right swipes tinder hack.

tinder hack meat swipes

This tinder hack reinforces the marketing strategy mindset read about that at the start of THIS – Your profile isn’t ‘you’, it’s the marketed version of ‘you’. Construct it and keep adjusting it to see which version works best. Can’t decide on your main picture? Pick one which you think is good and swipe right on 20 people blindly. See how many matches you get within 48 hours. Then change to another profile picture option. Swipe right on 20 more profiles and compare the percentage of matches – you have your answer on which works best. Repeat the same procedure for the other pictures, the bio and any other arrangement you’re unsure of. Just be careful not to overdo it all in one go, as this may harm your ELO score.

2. Edit pictures in Lightroom

Have you heard of Lightroom? No? Well it’s a photo editing tool that doubles as an awesome tinder hack and you need it. In this crazy world of photoshop, filters and fakeness, having good lighting can make all the difference to pictures. But that doesn’t mean you need to go all out and dust off your DSLR or even hire a photographer.

Not at all! Grab a friend and your phone. Take a million or so pictures of your desired activity. Then download the FREE Lightroom app (Yeah it’s FREE if you don’t subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud), put your pictures through there, adjust the light by simply sliding the buttons et voila! You have an awesome photo. With the example below, I just used my iPhone and Lightroom app – this is not sponsored by them or anything (I’m not THAT famous).

tinder hack lightroom

3. Use filters

What do beer goggles and rose-tinted glasses have in common? They’re filters that make people more attractive and now you can use them as a tinder hack. You can use Instagram ones, iPhone ones, Lightroom presets, or create your own filter by using the colour slider and more Lightroom effects. Or you could go all out and pay $.099 for the Big Lens app and create a professional sharp/blurry effect.

tinder hacks insta filter
Take notes from this guy.

4. Get Photo Enlarger to kill blurriness

Blurry pictures are crappy – find out more about that HERE. But sometimes, you have a great picture that is a very small size and will look bad if you stretch it for tinder. Crop your photo, then enlarge it without losing a pixel of quality with Photo Enlarger.  You’re welcome.

5. Link your Instagram

tinder hacks insta food

485 pictures for the price of 6? Yes please! Something as simple as the good ol’ gram can be a tinder hack. However, if it’s mainly your prawn salad and your bros smoking weed, then don’t – you look boring. Also beware that pro-stalkers (not me at all…) will then be able to find your Instagram and if it has your full name, stalk out your Facebook. You have been warned. Then again, stalking is good for your dating safety – read more to find out.

6. Link your Spotify

Turn up the volume of your love life… OK maybe too cheesy there. But songs trigger emotions in us and if we can relate to what you listen to, you’re sparking empathy and positive emotions and BADABOOM, the swipe is more likely to be yours. This tinder hack isn’t a substitute for a great bio, but is a handy extra tool – if you’ve connected it, you’re 84% more likely to get more matches. (You’re also likely to be someone who’s taken care with their tinder pictures and bio). Apparently, Meatloaf gets people horny. We learn something new every day.

7. Like Loads of Facebook pages

tinder hack facebook like

This won’t fish out other people who have liked the same pages and make them see you first – Now THAT would be an awesome tinder hack. BUT it will show up as a potential talking point. If I see people who like ‘TED’ or ‘I Fucking Love Science’, I assume they’re intelligent. Here are some more smart pages. 

8. A note on superlikes

A lot of people say superliking is for losers and doesn’t work. However, I think that this is relative. If you have a boring/sub-average profile and superlike me, I will think you’re a creep. If you’re a hottie however, I will be flattered at the attention and more likely to swipe right. It makes me focus on you more either way. So get the profile right before using it with your PICTURES and BIO!

9. Tinder’s paid options

Less than 1% of the Tinder population pay for extra services, but will this figure increase? Here’s why I DON’T think so:

Tinder Plus

tinder hack tinder plus

Price: $9.99/month for users under 30.

$19.99/month for users over 30.

So it ain’t cheap. (But it’s cheaper in some places like India – bastards)

Main features:

Unlimited swipes – instead of 100 likes per 12 hours

Passport – enabling swiping in up to 4 locations; handy if you want to pre-swipe before going on holiday.

Hide distance – good if you’re swiping with the passport feature.

Hide age – If you think you need to hide that…

More Superlikes – you get 5 instead of 1 a day.

Rewind – to undo the last swipes.

Boost –  Rather than being at the top of everyone’s pile, this places your profile card near the top of the deck for people you’ve liked, whether they’re currently online or not. It just lasts half an hour. Not really much of a tinder hack if you ask me.

Control who can see you – so only people who you’ve liked can see you.

Control who you see – Based on how recently active they are or ‘balanced recommendations’ – their ELO score (basically how relatively hot you are) NOTE: Tinder plus doesn’t let you see just the people you like; you   to fork out even more for  Tinder Gold to access that.

Tinder Gold

tinder hack tinder gold

Price: 1 Month – $ 14.99

6 Months – $ 52.99

12 Months – $ 82.99

this allows you to see who’s already liked you, so you can save time and only swipe on them. When it comes out (it already has for iPhone users in the UK and USA).

My Take on the paid options

Personally I think these features offer shitty value for money. Hiding age and locations makes Tinder Plus profiles look suspicious to me and if I match with someone 1000 km away, I see it as a waste of time. Here’s an honest account from someone who’s used it and thinks it’s not worth it. Plus, all those unlimited swipes won’t be doing your ELO any favours if you right-swipe at 100 mph.

A lot of now defunct free apps like ‘Flame for Tinder’ and ‘Bonfire’ used to offer the same hack as Tinder Gold and got really popular. Tinder is just taking this idea and cashing in on this. But why the fuck would you pay for $82.99 for something that doesn’t improve your profile? Personally,  I think it’s kind of fun to be in suspense and see who liked you AFTER you swipe them…

tinder hack make money

Neither of these features improve your ELO, optimize your profile or put you at the front of the queue for a substantial amount of time. Tech Junkie agrees HERE. Looks like the big bosses just want to create membership revenue to cash in on the desperation of all the unpopular guys and keep the platform free from unfair advantages – eating two slices of cake. Better just to fix up your PICTURES and BIO.

10. Mass-Liking Apps

tinder hack free apps

There are still some FREE tinder hack apps that lets you mass-like – Matcher for Tinder, Fire for Tinder and Match Plus for Tinder. They let you like 9 profiles at a time, to save time. They also groups all the people that have liked you since you last went online at the front, so you quickly mass like more people (kind of a sneaky take on Tinder Gold). Using Matcher for Tinder, I got 18 matches in less than 1 minute. But I prefer being old fashioned and stalking individual profiles, paying attention to pics and bios – this is better for messaging purposes. If you’re a guy however, I appreciate why you’d want to mass-like first and read later.

So there you have it folks. A complete and utter breakdown that will get you your swipes.

Your Homework

tinder pictures homework
When I grow up, I’m gonna hack tinder and go on a date.

Damn right I’m giving you a final assignment. GO ON A FUCKING DATE. And while you’re there, try using some of these 101 first date conversation starters – to ensure that the date lives up to its full potential.

Let me know how it goes by commenting below or shooting me an email! Also, SIGN UP to the mailing list below if you want updates on more tricks and advice. And if you thought this was helpful, then make the world a better place and share this on social media ;). 

Happy swiping 🙂.

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