Dating In Taipei: #The Tattooed Consultant

On his bio, the Tattooed Consultant just had a number sequence. Like, just a line of numbers – so I knew he was a nerd. Great! I was intrigued by the lack of info on his bio – something unusual, because the lack of info combined with the edgy pictures seemed cool and intelligent to me, whereas usually a lack of info turns me off. Find out how to guarantee a great Tinder bio here. So, I started chatting and found out they were Fibonacci numbers. Tinder: A place where you learn something new every day.

tattooed consultant fibonacci

Date of the date: 14.09.2017

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

First impressions Of The Tattooed Consultant:

Tattooed Consultant weirdly reminded me of Jared Leto’s Joker; sharply dressed with the same physique and look. I noticed the almost hidden tattoos and edginess under a professional exterior. All he needed was bright green hair.

tattooed consultant joker


Xiang Se. Hands down the most romantic place in Taipei – It’s featured in my 10 Best Date Spots In Taipei and is a beautiful French place in Zhongzeng with delicious food and brilliant service. Afterwards, we went to a whisky bar and another bar. I don’t remember what they were called, because I was more than a tiny bit tipsy…

date spots in taipei xiang se 2
The chicken breast dish at Xiang Se

At first there was a mix up – he had missed my message asking if he wanted to go to Modern Toilet instead of Xiang Se and so we both ended up at different places. I then ran to Xiang Se and he apologized profusely, but I assured him it was nobody’s fault. He had also ordered wine in time for when I finally arrived – nice move.


A lot. He was a consultant and managed stuff with banks and advertising. He spoke in a clever and confident way and knew how to listen, which is a huge plus for me. Tattooed Consultant had lived in Taiwan for a total of 7 years and his Mandarin was impressive when we were talking to restaurant/bar staff and taxi drivers. He also complimented my dress a lot, which was smooth.

He was very good at putting people at ease. After the mix up with locations, I arrived a bit flustered and spilled water on my dress when I sat down. Twice. But Tattooed Consultant was super chill and we made a joke of it as a comedy of errors.

We talked about politics in different countries and compared places we’d been to. He was thinking of settling in Tokyo long term, but also enjoyed road trips and was OK to stay in hostels – this surprised me, because Tattooed Consultant was very refined and the type of guy I expected to be ‘hotels only’.

We had an interesting conversation about drugs; he had tried a lot but had never been addicted to anything. I suggested that you only get addicted to something that makes you feel more like something you ‘want to be’ and you need it to do that. For example, very shy people may want to be more social and feel they ‘need’ alcohol to do that. With that logic, I shouldn’t take acid (haven’t tried yet), because I am crazily creative and may get hooked on tripping. Tattooed Consultant said that heroin was the last drug on his list that he wanted to try. I shuddered, because I’d never go that far.

tattooed consultant trippy

Tattooed Consultant was a geek for horror films. This is in sharp contrast to me – I closed my eyes and ears to ‘The Woman in Black’ in the cinema. But somehow, he made me curious to watch ‘The Ring’ – watch this space. However, he had a blacklist of films he would never watch, because they were too hyped – these include ‘Titanic’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ – I totally disagree with this. I told him I’d watch ‘The Ring’ if he’d watch ‘Forrest Gump’ and that would’ve been a cool second date except it’s my last day in Taipei as I’m writing this (16.09); but hey, who knows.

Best part of the date was when we watched ‘Spenny and Kenny’ in a bar. That shit is hilarious… I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before – these guys would’ve been HUGE on YouTube if they’d come later.

Food and drink:

The food in Xiang Se was amazing in terms of presentation and taste. We had pizza bread with melted cheese and beetroot as an appetizer. Then as mains, we shared two dishes of beef gnocchi and chicken breast. Dessert was a salted caramel cake that was crispy outside and soft inside. We drank rosé. It all came to $4000 NTD but worth it as a treat.

Then we went to bars and drank whisky, mojitos and other stuff. I had an awful hangover the next day, but that’s just a testament to how fun the night before was.


He wore:

Tattooed Consultant had awesome dress sense. He had a black blazer with dark jeans and a skinny tie and quirky glasses with tattoos peeking out from under his sleeves. Professionally edgy.

I wore:

Date dress 1, blue and white.

The verdict:

8.5/10 I had a fantastic time. And he was a good kisser.


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