Dating In Palermo: The Poetic Doctor

The Poetic Doctor was the typical tall, dark and handsome combo you’d expect from an Italian. He also seemed pretty straightforward in his messages, unlike some other guys – seriously, check out ‘5 Ways To Make An Italian Stallion Tinder Profile’ to see some of the romantic accolades I was getting. So he seemed un-threatening and not OTT. Little did I know what was in store…

Date of the date: 05.11.17

Location: Palermo, Sicily

First Impressions Of The Poetic Doctor:

Tall, dark and handsome? Check. And Poetic Doctor had made an effort with his clothes – nice. He seemed warm with a cute smile. His English was a thousand times better than my Italian (I can manage food words right now), but his heavy Italian accent meant that I had to listen hard to what he was saying and often made a confused face and said “Huh?” when something needed repeating. I also spoke too fast for him and had to repeat stuff. We understood each other; it just took a little effort.


We met at Teatro Massimo in the centre of Palermo. Then we walked over this ice cream place called ‘Brioscia’, then made our way to Marittima, or the city docks and finally we went to a great bar called ‘Bocum Mixology’, which is featured in my ‘10 Best Date Spots In Palermo’. 

poetic doctor teatro
Teatro Massimo


We both had a lot to say but there was a slight language block. It was OK though, Poetic Doctor had a sexy accent. After a while, I kind of wanted to kiss him, so leaned in a tiny bit to see if he had fresh breath when he was talking – prior research. He didn’t and that was a shame. Read more on other things to avoid if you want to get kissed on a date here. 

bad breath

He told me I didn’t seem British, because I was funny and had curly hair. Ugh, stereotype. Maybe he wanted to point out I was brown too, but thought better of it… I told him he didn’t look like he was in the mafia, so didn’t seem Sicilian. That made him laugh.

I learnt that the Mafia is still a problem in Palermo, even though their influence has decreased significantly in recent years. Primarily they have a monopoly on major properties here and lower down in their ranks, they do cocaine and prostitution dealings. Fun.

A couple of days earlier, I witnessed an election rally in one of the squares by a candidate who’s posters were plastered everywhere in the city. I asked Poetic Doctor which one was the best and he said they were all shitty and it was a choice of the lesser of two evils. Sounds familiar.

Apparently, doctors and teachers are much more influential in politics here than in other countries, because they have a bigger role persuading the public. Many University lecturers with no Parliamentary experience often run for big positions.

As we walked to the docks, Poetic Doctor decided to get ultra-romantic. Uh Oh too soon… Don’t get me wrong; I am a huge romantic at heart…. but my idea of romance is different to his – it’s a culture thing. I crack jokes for chemistry, Poetic Doctor recited poetry that evening. Yup. From some famous Italian poet whose name I forgot. Something along the lines of “My love is beautiful when she smiles at anyone” or some such. I smothered my laughter as he said “Your hair is curly like the blossom on trees.” and that I had a perfect nose and “perfect little ears”. Really, my fucking ears?


I suggested we go for a drink and he told me there was a bar near the docks and then I swear to God the next thing that came out of his mouth was “Do you want something in your pants?” I drew in a breath and stepped away from him saying “Not now, no.”


Poetic Doctor seemed confused. After a few more attempts, I gathered that he was asking “Do you want sand in your pants?” i.e. it was sandy to sit in this bar, because it was beach-themed. Awkward… But I laughed it off. Not sure if he got why I reacted so weirdly.

Poetic Doctor tried to hold hands with me all the way to another bar (I think he thought best to avoid the sandy pants one) and kept ‘saving’ me from getting run over. OK, maybe I am a reckless road-crosser, due to living in Vietnam (it does that to you)… But still. It was all very nice, don’t get me wrong. I love chivalry and romance. But I need a pinch of salt and sarcasm and a healthy dose of clever jokes as well. Romance in its purest form may be too pure for me. I feel like Carrie from SATC when she started dating the Russian and it was overwhelming. After the bar, I kissed him for effort. And I guess it was OK, the breath wasn’t too bad in the end.

Food and Drink:

An ice cream sandwich from Brioscia. That was lovely – they put your favourite flavour into a brioche bun. Mine melted, because I’m a slow eater and I got really full up, so I had to throw it away after a while. Then at Bocum Mixology, we had strong but well-made cocktails and teeny apertifs delicately stuck on a slate each. Very tasteful. The bar itself really impressed me, so it’s on my Date Spots In Palermo list.

He Wore:

A blue shirt, grey blazer and nice jeans.

I Wore:

A frilly white shirt, and black jeans.

The Verdict:

7.5/10. Nice that there was romance and Poetic Doctor really made an effort. I think we got on, but no huge fireworks… He’s much more of an old-school romantic than me (gasp). Damn and I thought I was romantic. Is it weird of me to go on a date and not want OTT shows of affection. I don’t know.

poetic doctor romantic

The next day, he asked what I was doing on Friday. And I said it was awesome meeting him and he was a great guy, “but I think we’re looking for different things”. I mean, I didn’t want to ghost him, as he was a nice guy. Here’s 20 more texts to send someone like the Poetic Doctor instead of ghosting them. 


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