The Awkward English Student

I thought he seemed cute from the picture – he had a nice smile. He was also a few years younger than me at 23 (I’m 26). But I didn’t want to be ageist, so I swiped right. I was a bit bored in my apartment, having spent a few hours working on my site and wanted to just hang out and get some ice cream with someone. Seriously, the ice cream in Sicily is crave-worthy like that. So then I started talking to The Awkward English student.

Date of the date: 15.11.17

Location: Palermo, Italy

First impressions of The Awkward English Student:

Introverted and slightly scared of me.

awkward english student shy

He didn’t smile, which was a little off-putting, but I sensed it was because of nerves. His English was also terrible (better than my non-existent Italian by all means), but he said he was improving by talking to foreigners and Erasmus students. Which is why he was on Tinder, alongside probably the hopes of getting laid. So I decided to be a good person and help The Awkward English Student out.


We met at Piazza Rivluzione and walked up to Teatro Massimo to get ice cream – because I told him I was craving ice cream, even though we needed coats in Sicily, which to local people equate to freezing cold.

awkward english student piazza
Piazza Rivluzione, Palermo


Not much at all. We both kind of struggled along. He asked how many brothers and sisters I had, where I had been in Palermo, what my job was. I didn’t try and explain ‘dating blogger’ at that point… It was pretty basic stuff, but I kept talking to The Awkward English Student and helping him practice, because hey, I was bored and wanted someone to eat ice cream with and wanted to be nice. And I figured that since he was studying tourism, he had a long way to go.


Food and Drink:

The most delicious ice cream ever. It was half strawberry, half cassata – a traditional flavour with lots of candied fruit. We got this from a cafeteria opposite Teatro Massimo – read about that in my list of the 10 best date spots in Palermo.

awkward english ice cream
Cassata ice cream

I enjoyed the ice cream and didn’t really mind being a guinea pig for him to practice his English on. I thought we both sensed the awkwardness of the date and said a hasty goodbye as soon as we reached my Airbnb apartment. When I reached my room however, I was bombarded with texts from The Awkward English Student asking why I hadn’t invited him upstairs to my place, what he had done wrong and in what ways he had “played the cards bad”. Oh God. He was genuinely confused and a bit upset… I didn’t really know what he was expecting though, so I replied that his cards were fine, but I was happy with the ice cream. I don’t think that lessened his confusion. Is it OK for every guy to expect to get laid with Tinder? Is it OK for me to think just having an ice cream is OK with Tinder? 

awkward english desperate

He Wore:

Blue jeans and a jacket

I Wore:

Black jeans, a yellow sweater and a jacket.

The Verdict:

4/10. It would have been a little more despite the bad conversation and awkwardness, but the aftermath of texting desperation killed it for me.

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