Dating In Penang: #The Texter Not Talker

I hit it off immediately on tinder with Texter Not Talker. He was easy to talk to, relaxed and fun. He asked questions and seemed interested in me and I was looking forward to talking to him in person. Little did I know what awaited…

Location: Penang

Date of the date: 18.08.17

First Impressions of Texter Not Talker:


Woah, he’s really reserved and quiet. Definitely a texter not talker! Nice shirt and shoes though. Very introverted rather than shy – he kept himself to himself but answered quietly when I asked him stuff. Me being the typical extrovert saw that I’d be doing most of the talking in this one.


The Upside Down Museum in Penang. This was a bit of a rip-off and not worth the amount paid to get in – RM 29 (they charge more for non-Malaysians which is also unfair). After we paid, we had to wait in the waiting room for about 10 minutes and then we were hustled through the rooms by staff who directed us on how to pose for pictures in rooms with upside down furniture. It was mainly about getting the shot and then going to another room – I would have preferred it if we were left to explore the rooms a bit more, because they were cool. But posing for pics in an  upside-down house with a first tinder date was an interesting ice-breaker with Texter Not Talker!

texter not talker upside down museum
Interesting to snap some upside down pictures with a first tinder date…

So then we went to Friendscino restaurant; this was a pretty cool place with an overdose mainstream chart music for people like me who are unashamed of listening to Despacito on loop.


Ummm not really much, Txter Not Talker was very quiet. We just talked about stuff we were doing at the moment (I didn’t tell him I was a dating blogger otherwise the poor guy would’ve run away) and laughed at the insane photo shoot in the Upside-Down Museum, whilst nodding appreciatively to music in Friendscino. I could tell he’s one of those people that thinks a lot but holds back. So it was mainly me cracking jokes.


We played darts in Friendscino after we ate and that was fun – I won purely by fluke. At one point he worked up the courage to say “You’re very pretty in real life too”. Aaaawww. That was sweet. He also told me his alcohol tolerance was low, so maybe it was a lot of Dutch courage…

Food and Drink:

texter not talker girly cocktail

Yummy crispy chicken nuggets and cheesy nachos. Major win here. Texter Not Talker said his alcohol tolerance was low and ordered a very girly coconut cocktail complete with an umbrella. I found that hilarious, so ordered a Cosmo to keep him company. We got beers for the next round.

He Wore:

A very nice denim shirt that I complimented him on.

I Wore:

Date dress 3, the yellow one.

The Verdict:

7/10 – The activities we did were fun and I could tell he’s a nice person despite the fact I talked enough for both of us and kind of didn’t. Kind of mentally compared him to The Pirate Box of Chocolates (hey we all do sometimes) who had left the country, but I figured that’s unfair. Aaaaand that was my last date in Penang!! Be nosy and find out more about the rest HERE… 


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