Dating In Penang: #The Pirate Box of Chocolates

I didn’t know what to expect of The Pirate Box of Chocolates before I met him. He seemed clever, to-the-point and fun. On the other hand, he switched a bit to text talk when we got on Whatsapp (Yeah, sometimes I judge people too soon on that). Either his spelling was crap or he had really fat thumbs. Luckily, it was the latter.

Date of the date: 05.08.17

Location: Penang, Malaysia

First Impressions of #The Pirate Box Of Chocolates:

pirate box of chocolates waves parting

When he walked into the bar it was like waves parting. Yeah, melodramatic, I know, but everyone knew who Pirate Box of Chocolates was. He was just that guy who gave off amazing vibes of confidence and energy and everyone wanted to be his friend. The energy felt like a magnetic wave when he came up to me. The first thing I said (and I think I repeated it a bit) was “Woah, you’re like THAT guy” (yeah, what a loser).


pirate box of chocolates mish mash

Mish mash bar in George Town. It was chilled but classy with a young crowd. They’re well-known for making delicious cocktails – In fact, it’s one of the Best Date Spots in Penang.


The time went very quickly. He had actually left his brother’s wedding, because he needed to get out and sensed that we would get on (later I’d find out that he’s a typical, intuitive ENFJ, just like me). I know how hard it is to leave an Asian wedding, so I appreciated this spontaneity.

Pirate Box of Chocolates had grown up in Penang, before moving to Melbourne and knew basically everyone in the city. I don’t doubt that someone reading this will know him. He’s an engineer, restaurateur, property developer, owned a fish farm and does ju jitsu and cricket. So basically the Asian version of Forrest Gump (that’s where the ‘Box of Chocolates’ bit comes in).

He kind of had the same ‘Jack of all trades with too many ideas’ thing as me. I also liked how he talked really really fast like me, because there were so many things crammed in his head. I do that.

pirate box of chocolates

We talked about a lot. But on dates I truly enjoy, I don’t remember specifics, but more the body language, level of fun I’m having and just relishing the rare connection. It’s easy to date a lot, but hard to find someone you really like spending time with. I didn’t just like him because he was popular; I really clicked with his vibe.

The only bad part was that I felt guilty to the pit of my stomach for not telling Pirate Box of Chocolates the whole truth; “Oh hey I also write a dating blog and you’re like a guinea pig in my evil social experiment”. So as I write this (06.08), I’m not sure whether to get that second date or tell him or what. It’s a risky game I’m playing. He’s leaving soon though, but that’s a bit crappy.

Food and drink:

He had four beers, I had four amazing whisky sours.

He wore:

Jeans and an interesting black T shirt with some writing on and earrings that made him look like a pirate because of his beard. He also has a parrot (but not with him on the date).

pirate box of chocolates jack sparrow
I know… Jack Sparrow doesn’t have a beard. But it’s Johnny Depp so whatever.

I wore:

Date dress number 2 – blue and white.

The Verdict:

9/10 I had a fantastic time. Too good in fact. 9 is because of the guilt I felt.

*Edit (12.09):

The next day, I was feeling really sad. I didn’t know why, I just felt really insecure and worried about everything and it all seemed to be crushing me a little. Then that night it hit me; something about Pirate Box of Chocolate’s easy confidence and the way we vibed reminded me of #The One That Broke My Heart. I was scared and guilty at the same time and it sucked.

So then what happened?

Then he texted me telling me that he had extended his stay for a week and wanted to meet. I was excited but really scared, as I had decided to tell him about my secret identity instead of being a fake. I thought that if he judged me, then at least I’d be being honest. So we met at a Bulgarian place and it was awesome again, but I needed to tell him.

Later, we walked along Batu Ferringhi beach and everything was calm. Then it all came out and he just listened and said it was inspiring and “kinda rad”. I told him that he had come at completely the wrong time; but it was OK, because we’re both just figuring our shit out. And then we kissed. And I don’t need to write about what happened next…

best date spots penang bora bora 2

That is probably the best date I’ve been on (off the scale). Nothing fancy – just being able to be completely honest and being accepted for who I am. And yeah, I’m still in touch with The Pirate Box of Chocolates.. ;).

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  1. Char says:

    This is such a good read!!!! I’m in Matt’s Superstar group and I remember you asking about whether to go in this direction with your blog and just have to say it’s a damn good thing you did! I haven’t been single for some time now but this was still so interesting to me (maybe even more so because of that.) I read straight through. You’re like the Sex & The City for women that love to travel 🙂 Keep the good stuff coming!

    1. Zainab says:

      Ohhh thank you!! Carrie Bradshaw is awesome but I think I prefer Samantha ;). That is an awesome compliment though and I’m glad you enjoyed the read – being single is empowering. Thanks 🙂

  2. Scientist says:

    There’s no commenting available on your previous posts, so I’ll comment this part of the Huddleston story here:

    “We also touched on gender when he mentioned ‘women are generally bad at directions’. Bad move bro. (OK maybe this is true for me – I have a shit sense of direction – but not because I’m a girl.)”

    It’s not a stereotype, he’s actually right! Or well, maybe calling it “bad” isn’t exactly scientific, but a lot of research supports the fact that men are beter than women with directions (on average, of course), and women use more landmarks to navigate. It’s an evolutionary thing, I guess.

    1. Zainab says:

      Maybe, but flagging it up on a date is still a bad move. I do use landmarks to navigate actually, that’s interesting. I guess so, like how it could be said women are better with relationships. Thanks for flagging the commenting thing up, I’ll look into it 🙂 Like your fake email too 😉

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