Dating In Penang: #The Ultimate Hipster Nomad

Dating in Penang adventure no.3 was oddly inspiring and a teeny bit weird. The Ultimate Hipster Nomad looked like that Australian guy that looks French in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ a little in his pictures – Simon Baker. However, he kept ending texts with an X which I’m wary of, because I don’t like people being too familiar before I meet them – it’s a personal thing, It feels like my space is being encroached on and I feel pressurized to text an X back. But anyway, I went with an open mind and pepper spray at hand (hidden obviously).

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hipster nomad simon baker

Date of the date: 04.08.17


There were two branches of the restaurant ‘Passions of Kerala’ and we both went to different ones. Doh. So I headed to the Georgetown one, because that’s where the action’s at. We had agreed to meet at 8pm. I got there at 8.45pm hangry enough to eat a horse (I didn’t). Afterwards, we walked to a karaoke bar that I forgot the name of. (No, I did NOT sing).

First Impressions Of The Ultimate Hipster Nomad:

Hipster Nomad was wearing lycra cyclist clothes which was weird. And he was a lot taller and lankier than I had expected. Very lean and travel-tanned. Here’s some tips on how to dress for a date – so you don’t end up in lycra.

Just to clarify – his top was lycra but he did wear shorts…


Mainly about him – Hipster Nomad was a very interesting guy. He was Spanish and used to be a bartender in Belgium and had created lots of cool sounding cocktails before selling it all to travel. He only ate things he grew or killed himself (thankfully the restaurant was an exception here) but in his house he kept chickens and rabbits. He was able to walk barefoot for a whole day in Thailand by training his feet. Hipster Nomad had been travelling for a year by couchsurfing and housesitting. The best story was that he kept everything he owned in his backpack – which was quite small and with him on the date. I’ve become quite nomadic by traveling a lot, but had to gawp a little in admiration from meeting this dude. In summary, The Ultimate Hipster Nomad was far more advanced than your average backpacker.

In fact, he really reminded me of a seventy something wanderer called the Nimblewill Nomad that I had read about.

hipster nomad first impressions


Not a great listener. In the karaoke place, he showed me his entire camera roll of adventure pics but when I pulled out my phone to start sharing some of my own adventures, he just looked away at the karaoke; maybe Hipster Nomad was used to people being awed by him and didn’t expect anyone else to have their own stories… Bad body language.

Also too preachy. In the restaurant, one of the waiter’s English wasn’t very good so he got his friend to take our order. Hipster nomad proceeded to call the first waiter back saying “You should listen to this, because this is how you’ll learn English”. He lectured the poor guy for a couple of minutes and while I understood his intentions, I wanted to melt into the floor. He left the restaurant saying “Namaste” and all I could think was ‘wannabe white guy.’ 

hipster nomad namaste

He also didn’t have anywhere to sleep that night. Alarm bells rang loudly in my head, but it turned out that Hipster Nomad was completely fine with “sleeping on the beach under the stars“(and was completely unworried about being robbed). In the end he found a hostel, but if he hadn’t I would have felt a bit uncomfortable, because of a potential implication that he was on a tinder date in the hopes of accommodation with benefits.

Food and Drink:

hipster nomad passions of kerala

Hipster Nomad asked me to order for both of us. I thought it might be some kind of personality test, but I was too hangry to care. So we got two banana leaf veg platters which were delicious. And I thought it would be a good idea to order a crab curry on a first date, because Hipster Nomad was inspiring me to be adventurous. Lesson learned: NEVER order crab on a first date. It was the most fiddly, messy and challenging thing, because I expected it to be shelled (I know, what a princess) and it wasn’t. But I decided not to complain and laughed it off, eating like a savage vampire – it made for an interesting first meal. He kind of stared at me when I ate the crab and said “That’s actually very attractive” – little weird.


He Wore:

Something for a cycling competition and his backpack with his life in it.

I Wore:

Date dress 3 – the yellow one.

date dress 3

The Verdict:

The Ultimate Hipster Nomad was really interesting and inspiring date even though I couldn’t get a word in edgeways. 7/10.

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  1. hertraveltherapy says:

    I hate guys that only talk about themselves! It makes me want to never be around them again. I take a backseat in conversations though so sometimes it takes me a long time to realise that the conversation has been completely one-sided.

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