Dating In Taipei: #The Quantum Physicist

I knew Quantum Physicist was a nerd before I met him. He said in his bio that he was a ‘researcher’ and he had a really cool section about all his favourite keywords instead of listing interests. These included ‘Nietzsche’, ‘Tarantino’ and ‘Tesla’ – My inner nerd eagerly got super excited about upcoming nerdy conversations…!


Date of the date: 08/09/17

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

First impressions Of The Quantum Physicist:

Polite. Reserved, but not in a stiff way and quiet, but not shy. Quantum Physicist thought about what he said and how he acted, which was nice. However, he sat next to me when we first got into the restaurant and I find that slightly off-putting; I would rather you be opposite me if I don’t know you – respecting my boundaries and so that I can see your face clearly on a first date. Maybe it was because he didn’t always hear everything I said and asked me to repeat things a few times; I do talk really fast.


A lovely Italian place called Bianco Taipei – I’ve written about it in ’10 Best Date Spots In Taipei’. It had a warm atmosphere, great food and was busy, but not rowdy. Service was fast, but the kitchen closed at 9.30pm, so we didn’t get to order dessert and were kind of rushed to pay. But apart from that, a great place to go and just the right amount of formal. Then we had a long walk and the nerdy convo did not disappoint.

quantum physicist nerdy


  • Veganism; Quantum Physicist had chosen to be vegan out of respect for animal rights. I told him about this Facebook video I saw of an ethical farm where the cows weren’t killed or forced to give birth so that they’d give milk, but it still worked. He agreed that he’s drink milk from there but there weren’t that many places like that in the world.

quantum physicist vegan

  • What he did at CERN. When he said that he had previously worked on a project in CERN, I immediately thought of how that would impress the guys in the Big Bang Theory. I asked Quantum Physicist to explain in dumb people language what he did there. Basically, he was observing why quarks did weird shit. Well, not in those exact terms. Something about how when we pull two objects apart, the gravitational pull between them gets weaker, but if you pull quarks apart, the force between them gets stronger; which is why they’re always bonded together in threes. That sounded cool. Like a quark threesome…

quantum physicist quark

  • The organization of places we’ve lived in. The waitress was kept trying to get us to pay at this point, so we got the hint. Quantum Physicist told me how all shops in Switzerland closed at 7pm sharp and if the train was late by one minute, people got pissed off; Swiss people were super punctual. I told him how Vietnam was the opposite of that and was basically a cowboy town. We concluded that it was interesting how the organization of a place rubs off on the people who live there.
  • Quantum Physicist knew about Myers Briggs. OMG. So, I thought he was an I, because he thought before he spoke; an N, because he was intuitive; a T, because he seemed rational and a J, because he seemed like a doer. INTJ – I got it right the first time! He needed a couple of prompts but mainly figured that I was an ENFJ, because I’m sharp at reading people and talk too much.

quantum physicist myers briggs

  • Things that came before their time. We were talking about films and got to ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and how it was totally fucked up, but brilliant in how it made you feel uncomfortable. It had been banned in the UK when it first came out and we concluded it was a film made before it’s time. I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t read Orwell, so I gave a brief overview of Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies and explained how Nineteen Eighty-Four was also a book that came out way before it’s time and was shockingly relevant today.
  • The moon. Quantum Physicist told me that the timings of when the moon rose and set in the night varied according to where it was in its cycle – like a faster version of the sun’s rising and setting times. I had no idea.


  • Space Odyssey. I am a die-hard Matrix fan (the first film, obviously; not the crap that came after it). However, Quantum Physicist put it as second on his list after ‘A Space Odyssey’ also directed by Stanley Kubrick – the dude who did ‘A Clockwork Orange’. I told him that nothing could ever beat the Matrix, because the Matrix is like, life. He challenged me to watch it and decide.
When he says The Matrix isn’t his favourite film…

Food and drink:

I had a Japanese risotto with an egg on top; really unusual and nice. He had raw vegetables. Haha, no I’m kidding – he had some veggie pasta thing.

He wore:

A white shirt and some trousers as he came after work.

I wore:

Date dress 1, the blue and white one

The verdict:

8.5/10. The nerd-fest exceeded my expectations! I wasn’t attracted to him, but really got on with him – it was mutual.


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