Dating In Penang #The Tongue-Tied Magician


Location: Penang

Date of the date: 02.08.17

OMG a Magician on Tinder! I had to talk to him. So we agreed to meet at Chulia Street in George Town to continue my  adventures dating in Penang…

dating in penang smurf magician

First Impressions:

OK looking but distant and not smiley. It was hard to read his face. I’ll admit I stereotyped for a couple of minutes and thought maybe it’s a French guy thing. Maybe magicians in general are hard to read in real life… I thought of naming him ‘No Sparks Magician’.

Then I felt guilty when he said he was working on his Eeenglish and in the past when he went on dates he kind of had to smile and nod and girls thought he was boring, when in fact he was just tongue-tied (damn I didn’t fall into that trap…) He spoke with a heavy accent but I think he got 90% of what I said, otherwise he did a great job of smiling and nodding.

dating in penang poker-face


We walked around for about 15 minutes deciding where to go. (This is before I knew all the best date spots in Penang). He didn’t do street food so that was 10 points automatically docked from his score. Harsh but – Chulia Street has awesome hawker stalls that you can read about here. So we settled for drinks in O’Marley’s Pub, which it turns out is a Reggae Mansion too…

dating in penang o'marleys


Screw the convo, his magic tricks were awesome! That made for a great dating in Penang experience… He shuffled a pack of cards in 10,000 ways then began by doing the usual ‘is this the card you picked?’ But then he showed me the 9 of clubs in his phone screen and pulled out the physical card from his phone – I don’t know how. He put the whole pack of cards in my hand and then when I looked down there was only one card. He put a sponge ball in my hand then made it disappear, then made two of them. He threw up an American dollar and changed it into a Chinese coin. It suffices to say that I was as excited as a kid in a sweet shop and had goosebumps by the end.

dating in penang card tricks gif

Yeah we did talk as well, he was French, living in Thailand. He was 39, I was 26 – age is only a number blah blah blah…..

The he told me that he was fine being open about Tinder and that he didn’t mind using it for hook-ups. He didn’t enjoy dating in Penang, because the girls seemed too shy – Hiddleston seemed to have the same problem HERE. By that point we were getting along a lot better and the convo flowed more easily and he seemed more relaxed. I wasn’t intended on hooking up though, because I didn’t fancy him and I’m conducting an ethical social experiment here. So I kind of just said I was on my period. And that was that. Should I have been more honest? I don’t know. Let me know what you think in the comments… 

I'm on my period meme

Food and drink:

Chicken satay and beer.

He wore:

A smart white shirt and chinos with a charm necklace thing from Thailand

I wore:

Date dress 1, the blue and white one.

The verdict:

7/10 – The chemistry was a bit cold but those cards were on FIRE


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