Dating In Penang: #Hiddleston The Encyclopedia

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Date of the date: 29.07.2017

So I started swiping yesterday (28.07) to begin my dating in Penang. It felt a little weird, because I knew I’d be writing about this for a change. I hoped it wouldn’t make dating feel forced for me, because it’s always something I’ve had fun with and not thought of as a ‘job’. But anyway… On to the very first date! Eeeek!

First Impressions:

dating in penang hiddleston
Oh hey there…

The Iraqi version of Tom Hiddleston and a lot better than his Tinder pics. Also taller. Guys often don’t do themselves justice on Tinder – here are some examples of bad tinder profiles for dating in Penang… no complaints though; those dimples were delicious (I just stared OK). However, he came across as very mature for his age (25) and quite stiff to talk to. The first thing he said was : “I’d like to first give a brief introduction of myself” I felt like I was a student in a lecture hall and couldn’t help but laugh.


dating in penang queen victoria square

We started the date by going over to some street food stalls near Queen Victoria Square and getting street food (always a win). Then we made our way to Batu Ferringhi and got some more food from the Long Beach food stalls then we walked along the beach and ended by chilling in good old Starbucks.


The lecture impression was hard to get rid of . He had lived here for 2 years doing a PhD. Before Penang, he was in South Korea. he talked in a  really methodical way, like an encyclopedia kept asking me big broad questions very casually; “What are your future plans?” “What’s your favourite sport?” “What do you think of Penang?” “Why did you choose to travel?” “What are your views on relationships?” He was a nice enough guy, I think it’s just because of the academic environment he was used to but the convo didn’t flow as such. He gave me paragraphs about the Iraqi war, about the history of Malaysia, about himself and then kind of just fired questions at me.

dating in penang lecturer

We also touched on gender when  he mentioned “women are generally bad at directions”. Bad move bro. (OK maybe this is true for me – I have a shit sense of direction – but not because I’m a girl) I glared at him and told him stereotyping was for sissies and gave my own lecture on the many ways in which women are better than men.

Oh no you di'int

He then went on to explain how dating in Penang was hard for him, because the girls he finds are shy due to culture. I joked that he should talk about the Iraq war to fill the time.

Food and drink:

Yay street food! We had these yummy crepes with a sweetcorn stuffing and some sausages on sticks (no room at all for innuendo here). I had a lychee drink thing. The we had more food in Batu Ferringhi – I was full by this point and didn’t eat very much. I discovered that not only was he 6’3” but had a very high metabolism. In Starbucks we both had cakes and finally he was full. He didn’t drink alcohol, because he’s a health freak – the abs were nice eye-candy, so not complaining.

What he wore:

A tight T-shirt and jeans that were too high-waisted. The shirt was fine, because he was built nicely, but the jeans I had misgivings for.

What I wore:

Date dress 1 – the blue and white one

date dress 1

The verdict:

6.5/10. He was cute so that redeemed the lecture style a bit.


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