5 Biggest Dating Mistakes

Mistakes are only mistakes if we don’t learn from them. So here I am, sharing with you my 5 biggest, baddest dating mistakes.

  1. Over-texting
  2. Expecting chemistry
  3. Relying on others
  4. Thinking you’re not sexy
  5. Getting drunk on a date (a hypocritical one)

I have made all of these mistakes through trial and error over the years. You can only ascend a mountain by climbing over lots of shit and facing an arduous journey. I am not more clever or knowledgeable; I’ve just been there, done that and gotten the T shirt.

It’s really easy to slip into the habit of making these mistakes though. Watch the full video to learn how to overcome them by making small adjustments to your mindset. Let me know if you have any mistakes to add to this list. Find more dating advice HERE 🙂 Enjoy!

Zainab X


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