4 Things To Remember This Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day. A day that evokes all sorts of feelings – many of which are negative. People feel stressed, under pressure, sad, lonely, anxious, depressed. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Which is why I’m sharing some of these key mindsets which will help you get through this week and Valentine’s Day with a smile and an all-encompassing outlook:

  1. Remember Valentine’s day is just ONE day in the whole year
  2. Remember that actions speak louder than words and gifts
  3. Remember that the most important thing is to love yourself
  4. Remember that not everything is always about you

Watch the video to break down each of the above points in depth with me in a mindful way. Have a great week and…. wait for it… Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Lol.

For more videos, click HERE 🙂


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