15 Christmas Date Ideas For Tinder

Christmas. The time to feel warm, festive and do loads of romantic shit. Wherever you are in the world, you can’t escape from the fact that Christmas is a time to be loved. Consequently, loads of Christmas date ideas out there, like buying Christmas presents for your family together or making a gingerbread house together are more for people already in committed relationships. So a lot of sexy singletons swiping on Tinder may be feeling a teeny bit lonely this month. Never fear! Here’s a list of Christmas date ideas especially for those of us on Tinder this December :).

christmas date snowmen

Point to note: There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with going to a restaurant or a bar on a date – I do it all the time. These are just for when you’re feeling adventurous/Christmassy:

  1. Go to a Christmas Market and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
  2. Go ice skating and dare each other to skate down the middle and try and spin around and do dumb things. This will make the Christmas date fun if one or both of you is a bad skater.
  3. Go to a Christmas tree farm and look at all the trees… you’re probably not going to cut one down on a Tinder date, but it adds a Christmassy twist before you head off to a bar.
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt to buy weird decorations. Star Wars decorations? Check. Miley Cyrus wrecking ball themed baubles? Check. And yeah, tinsel too.
  5. Volunteer for a local cause. This would be a great way to spend a date doing something useful and find out how kind the other person is.
  6. If you want an adventurous date, find a place to go sledding and see if you can get hold of a sled somehow. Or go tubing in an inflatable tube.
  7. Walk around the center of town/the city and look at the Christmas lights for your Christmas date. Create a Christmas playlist on your phone that you could listen to with headphones.
  8. Have a snowman building competition if it’s snowing. You could even have a snowball fight if you’re feeling brave on the date.
  9. Buy ugly sweaters together and dare each other to wear them on the next date.
  10. Go to a Christmas/NYE party together if you feel like dancing.
  11. Find an ice sculpture show or Christmas garden to visit. Make sure it has a ‘Wow’ factor and is super pretty.
  12. See if there’s a Santacon happening around and both of you go to it on your Christmas date dressed as Santa.
  13. After the first date, cook up some Christmassy food with recipes online – weird or traditional, whichever you choose. Then enjoy it together in a romantic dinner.
  14. Again, after the first date, invite them over to make some Christmas drinks; think mulled wine, Glühwein or hot chocolate. You can find more great German drink ideas here. Then instead of Netflix, watch cheesy Christmas films and laugh at them.
  15. Go to a toy shop and look at all the displays and toys for kids these days.

christmas date village

Who says it sucks to be single for Christmas? Now you’ll have tons of stuff to do and enjoy with your date(s) this month and have a very merry Christmas indeed. What are you waiting for..? Get Christmas date planning! Here’s some Mariah to really get you in the mood… 

Me when I sing “All I want for Christmas is yooouuuuuu…

And don’t be a Christmas ghost!! Here are 20 texts you can send instead of ghosting someone this festive season.


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